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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fighting the Flu

So for the last week we've been fighting the flu. It has not been fun to say the least. It all started last Wednesday when Mykenzie woke up with a fever, headache, and sore throat. She felt terrible and barely moved other than to drink water when I insisted. On Thursday, she was still feeling terrible. I was thinking it was a little "bug" that would pass in a couple of days. After talking to a church friend whose daughter had the same symptoms as Mykenzie and finding out she tested positive for the flu, I called the dr. Within a few hours and after a few tests (the dr was so convinced that she had strep and not the flu that he did the strep test twice before the flu test), Mykenzie had also tested positive for the flu. He prescribed tamiflu and gave me a lecture on the need for getting the flu shot. I've definitely added flu shots to the to-do list for next year. I think all 6 of us "tried" to get it, but thankfully some of our immune systems were stronger and fought it off. Friday was just a blur. Morgan, Nathan, Mykenzie, and I pretty much just slept off and on all day. We all felt pretty bad. By Friday night, Nathan and Morgan were feeling back to normal but Mykaela was running a fever. I continued to feel worse. Mykaela ran a fever through Sunday, off and on. Mykenzie was improving, but I insisted she rest periodically and continue the tamiflu. The weekend was soon over and I was feeling lousy. By Monday I knew I had an infection and called my dr, hoping they would just call me something in. No such luck. So I got us ready and made the 40 minute drive to the dr with 4 kids, told her I had an infection, she looked at me and said, "Yeah, you're right.", wrote me a couple of prescriptions and sent us on our way. (And of course collected that lovely co-pay!) Today has been a better day. None of us are still 100%, but definitely better.

I've been reading James and the whole time we've been going through this, I keep reminding myself to, "Count it all joy." It's hard to think that a trial is for our good. What good comes from the flu? I really can't say I have that answer right now. I have been reminded to be thankful for certain things. There was a time that we did not have health insurance and going to the dr and getting meds was financially difficult. When I paid those copays and filled those prescriptions, I remembered those times and thanked the Lord for the blessing of health insurance. I was also reminded that it could be a lot worse. I can honestly say this is the sickest I have ever seen Mykenzie and she is 10. What a blessing! I am also thankful that I didn't have to go to work or feel guilty for not going to work. I could stay home and take care of my children and myself. Although this sickness wasn't one that I could say gave me some time to read, gave me time to did give me some time to think. In between coughing, sneezing, blowing, giving out doses of medicine, while I was laying down in this (rarely ever) quiet house, I did a lot of thinking and one day I will share with you what I thought about. Until then, if you are going through a trial, look for the good and count it all joy. Even the flu? Sigh...Yes, even the flu.


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