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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why I took the kids...

Today was election day. I didn't have to take the kids with me today, but I wanted to. Here's why...I'm ashamed to say I've only voted twice. :( I wasn't even allowed to vote until after I was married. (married at 17) After I became of voting age, I had the idea that if my husband voted, why should I bother. I was just one person after all. AND the thought of voting intimidated me. I worried I wouldn't know what to do or that I would do the wrong thing. I didn't grow up in a home that voted. I had no idea what to expect. Then came the last presidential election and I overcame my nervousness and voted. I was convicted that it was something I needed to do. When I voted I was so shocked at how easy it was. I knew I wanted to allow my kids to go with me to vote after that. I want them to know that we are given the freedom and responsibility to vote, every vote does count, and it's EASY.

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