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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Give me the rolling pin!

You can have those frozen dumplings, canned biscuits, and bisquick! Just give me the rolling pin! I like doing it the hard way and as many try to convince me to simplify things in the kitchen, I just don't believe there's a substitute for the REAL thing. Now I'm not saying I've never cut those corners, but I'm not happy when I do. It's worth the little extra effort for truly homemade crusts, dumplings, biscuits, etc. We're having chicken potpie for supper tonight. I decided to switch out a couple meals this week. Stay tuned for the tutorial with pics after I make this meal for my family tonight. We are having another snow day here in the Carolinas and what better comfort food to feed my family than chicken potpie? Yummy. I can't wait!


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